“We measure our commercial success equally to our social impact and we think that every company, everywhere, should do the same.”

DOCASA, Inc. Chairman, Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE

What ‘Social Affairs’ means to us

Less known about DOCASA’s Department of Coffee and Social Affairs is the meaning behind the second part of its name ‘Social Affairs’ which refers partly to our customers coffee drinking experience, but it also refers to the company’s humanitarian work in the UK and abroad.

As an organisation members of our team are both board members and volunteers for a number of national and international charities. These include the award-winning UK Charity, Pump Aid which provides safe clean water to over 1.35 million of the poorest people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We provide mentoring and administrational support to The Afri-CAN Charity. Their mission is to create, finance and mentor sustainable programs, NGOs and social ventures in Sub-Saharan Africa to alleviate poverty and hunger, to improve education, to provide skills training, and to provide employment. They focus on the poorest communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Afri-CAN Charity builds ECD pre-school nurseries and provides over 350,000 free school breakfasts annually for the most vulnerable children in the townships of South Africa.

We support the London-based charity Team Up, Team Up trains volunteer undergrad students to tutor disadvantaged children in private lessons in attaining essential GSCE’s. To date over 5,000 children in London have benefitted from the program. In the UK we also fund the Central London Rough Sleeper Committee (CLRSC) events which are held every 2 weeks in Oxford Street providing hot meals and support to rough sleepers, where our staff are regular volunteers at these events.

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